Mass X monograph

Date:  Ongoing
Office:  Neil M Denari Architects

MASS X is an 800 page bilingual book documenting projects and ideas developed in Neil M Denari’s architecture office over the past fifteen years.  This book includes extensive documentation of 50 projects and 12 texts. 




Beginning in the summer of 2014, I joined Neil M Denari Architects (NMDA) as an intern and contributed to a number of ongoing projects including MASS X—an 800 page bilingual book documenting projects and ideas developed in the office over the past fifteen years.  

Since the conclusion of the internship with NMDA, I have continued to manage the technical production of MASS X remotely. My specific responsibilities include formatting and incorporating material received directly from Neil Denari and his office into the master file, as well as, reading texts and communicating with the editor in Los Angeles and the publisher in Beijing.

Through MASS X, I have gained not only significant insight into the methods and mechanics necessary to assemble a publishable manuscript, but have also enjoyed the rare opportunity to work closely with an architect / author to document a body of work and communicate a particular understanding of architecture and design. Written in a highly indexical manner, MASS X traces through over 50 projects and 12 texts, a lineage of thought contemplating architecture’s role as a medium of experimentation within contemporary media.